Oh Damsel of Despondency! by Samuel Tunes

Although my soul has been beaten in the raging tempests of passionate defeats, my heart defiantly beats on.  I Wish I could just walk away from the whole thing in one clean break, but my heart will not permit me to do so.  And now my skin is caressed by the thin veil that separates heaven and hell.  My longing for love leads me towards lunacy, and yet, my soul remains unsatiated by the very insanity that drives me.  Everything points me away from your arms, and yet I find myself in them time and time again.  In the other room there is banquate in my honor, and yet I scavage around your table for the falling fruits of passion that are mercifully discarded in my favor.

I Keep My Brother by Samuel Tunes

Why is it that a child is punished,
when he tries to solve his problems with his fists?
He comes home to find his parents pissed.
So they yell, spank, ground him, and take away all his privileges.

if that child grows up into politics
he’s free to use violence.
What kind of precedence
are we setting
what kind of messages
are we sending?
I must admit
it’s hard to resist
my tempestuous
indignation, it’s ridiculous.
I stand in awe as I witness
my kind’s ignorance.
And yet I feel so helpless
like a humanist
with banded wrists.

I remain pacifist,
a white dove activist
always keeping in the heart of my chest
my brother’s interest.

Response to my Cousin David's Post: Hope

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I have hope as well my friend. I have had it said to me that we shouldn't vote for Obama because he just saying what everyone wants to hear to get elected. I don't think that's a reason to NOT vote for someone. If everyone thought that way, then you'd have politicians saying everything you DON'T want to hear just to get elected. The logic does not work for me. Yes, he did tell me what I wanted to hear, and now I expect him to DO those things. If he doesn't then we have good reason to impeach him. Even so, we must be patient. To make the largest economic train in the world accelerate forward it will take a great deal of energy and time. The other thing to keep in mind is that the economy naturally goes through cycles. Investors not only know this, they wait for times like this.

What makes me both excited and nervous is a democratic house and senate. Change can be good but too much change, even if it is good, is stressful. We may see the US change drastically in the next 4-8 years and those governed may not be able to keep up. It's one thing to upgrade to new operating system, it's quite another to have to install updates everyday.