The Sun of God

There are many stars in the universe but there is only one that gives the energy needed for life, which we call our sun.  Although only a small fraction of the sun's massive energy actually makes it to our humble planet, it is sufficient to sustain all the organisms that live here.  The following is an over-simplified model of the flow of energy commonly known as the food chain:

1. Through photosynthesis, plants convert energy from the sun into storable biochemical energy known as sugars.

2. These sugars are consumed by various organisms.

3. These same plant eating creatures which contain protein and fat are consumed by various prey.

As energy flows through the food chain a perfect one to one conversion does not occur because most of the energy is lost as heat (2nd law of thermodynamics).  As a result, life on earth depends on a continuous flow of energy from the sun to sustain all living organisms at both the bottom and top of the food chains.  This flow of energy is rather linear, however, some of the energy is recycled back through the food chain.  When an organism such as a lion dies, vultures, insects, and bacteria come along and scavenge the carcass for whatever food energy remains.

If I may now relate this line of thought abstractly, God's spiritual energy flows through us in much the same way.  Although some of His energy is recycled as we serve one another, were it not for His continuous and massive energy that nourishes our souls, Humanity would surely perish. Surely, humanity would stand to benefit from striving to become superconductors of this Divine energy.  Moreover, God did much more than put a star in our heavens that it may give us life; He also sent His Son to dwell on earth.


Leo woke us up this night with sounds of distress.  Rushing to his rescue, his mother walked into what could be described as a scene from the exorcist-- puke was everywhere.  Supportingly, I call out from the comfort of the bed to my wife:

Husband:  "Baby, if you need any help let me know."

A good husband knows that this is the obligatory phrase used in order to receive the following response: "Don't worry baby, I got it you can go back to sleep." Much to my dismay this was not the response I received.

Wife:  "Well, he just threw-up, would you help me with the sheets?"

My son had turned into a foul smelling producer of some sort of cheese like goo.  I quickly wrapped the sheets up and took them outside however, this smell-- this horrible smell!  I could not believe how saturated the air in his room had become in just a matter of minutes.  I opened the window and put the ceiling fan on full blast, meanwhile Leo hangs from his mother's arms as he attempts round two in the bathroom sink.  Two hours later we we're still awake and despite the fact that our son had puked for the fifth time up-chucking yellow bile from the deep recesses of his GI he seemed to be in good humor laughing wanting to play with his sleep deprived parents.

Craziness must be one of the lesser known side effects of the stomach flu.

Ones & Zeros

I am fascinated to see mankind moving towards an age of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  With each technological advance humanity is narrowing the gap between man and machine.  Will a computer ever match the complexity of the human soul?  Is it possible?   Is it wise?

While you sit there and read this post, consider that you are looking at the computational culmination of simple binary code  (ones and zeros).  A ones tells the computer "yes" and a a zero tells the computer "no" and I submit that the only thing that separates us from computers computationally speaking is that we can handle one and zero at the same time (i.e. maybe).  As I understand it, this concept is the basis of a quantum computer.

However, even when quantum computation is achieved, an AI computer will still not be like us the day we plug into the wall, at least not like an adult.  No, just like a baby, it will have learn whatever abilities we give it and how to use it's abilities to navigate and manipulate its environment.  Robotic engineers have invested a great deal of time developing programs of instruction on how to walk but with quantum computing an AI robot could learn the way a baby does and in doing so, I believe the result will be far superior to any type of programming we could invent.


He who is wisest is happiest and he who is happiest is wisest. God is the wisest and therefore happiest of all.