The Sun of God

There are many stars in the universe but there is only one that gives the energy needed for life, which we call our sun.  Although only a small fraction of the sun's massive energy actually makes it to our humble planet, it is sufficient to sustain all the organisms that live here.  The following is an over-simplified model of the flow of energy commonly known as the food chain:

1. Through photosynthesis, plants convert energy from the sun into storable biochemical energy known as sugars.

2. These sugars are consumed by various organisms.

3. These same plant eating creatures which contain protein and fat are consumed by various prey.

As energy flows through the food chain a perfect one to one conversion does not occur because most of the energy is lost as heat (2nd law of thermodynamics).  As a result, life on earth depends on a continuous flow of energy from the sun to sustain all living organisms at both the bottom and top of the food chains.  This flow of energy is rather linear, however, some of the energy is recycled back through the food chain.  When an organism such as a lion dies, vultures, insects, and bacteria come along and scavenge the carcass for whatever food energy remains.

If I may now relate this line of thought abstractly, God's spiritual energy flows through us in much the same way.  Although some of His energy is recycled as we serve one another, were it not for His continuous and massive energy that nourishes our souls, Humanity would surely perish. Surely, humanity would stand to benefit from striving to become superconductors of this Divine energy.  Moreover, God did much more than put a star in our heavens that it may give us life; He also sent His Son to dwell on earth.


  1. Since I have no argument with this post should I have clicked Argument(s)?

    You've "over-simplified" Biology and Christianity.

    Do that with the Quran and you've got yourself a fan.

  2. Thanks for your comment. :) "You've 'over-simplified' Biology and Christianity." That is an argument. Look up the word in my handy tool in the upper right and you'll see what I mean. ;) I admitted to over-simplifying the biological ideas so I assume your argument is specific to my reference to Christ. This is exactly what it is and nothing more than that, a reference. Besides Christianity is simple, it is man who makes it complicated which I know you understand. So I take your argument as a compliment and one day when I read Al Qur'an I'll be happy to "over-simplify" it as well. To this day, I still don't really understand what it's really all about.

  3. Herbivores are eaten by various "prey?" One other thing: some of Sols energy is processed directly by mammals. Other than that, great post!

    -The Ensign

    I'm just trying to give you a hard time ;)