Ones & Zeros

I am fascinated to see mankind moving towards an age of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  With each technological advance humanity is narrowing the gap between man and machine.  Will a computer ever match the complexity of the human soul?  Is it possible?   Is it wise?

While you sit there and read this post, consider that you are looking at the computational culmination of simple binary code  (ones and zeros).  A ones tells the computer "yes" and a a zero tells the computer "no" and I submit that the only thing that separates us from computers computationally speaking is that we can handle one and zero at the same time (i.e. maybe).  As I understand it, this concept is the basis of a quantum computer.

However, even when quantum computation is achieved, an AI computer will still not be like us the day we plug into the wall, at least not like an adult.  No, just like a baby, it will have learn whatever abilities we give it and how to use it's abilities to navigate and manipulate its environment.  Robotic engineers have invested a great deal of time developing programs of instruction on how to walk but with quantum computing an AI robot could learn the way a baby does and in doing so, I believe the result will be far superior to any type of programming we could invent.

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