The Man of Clay

I am King of this castle of dross and straw.
By birthright, my crown is a yoke tied to the law.
As I plough through the earth, my brow doth sweat.
I am hence like my father, much to my regret.

How poignant is this soil, the source of my depravity.
This grave that grips me grievously with its great and ghastly gravity.
Surely, he died, and to me he bequeathed it all.
Such is my legacy, from he who fell the fall.

He is to blame. He is to blame! That filthy man of clay.
So if I may, why oh God, why was I made this way?
He is to blame. He is to blame! That filthy man of clay.
Because of him I’ll die today, unless I find a way.

I am plagued by my bacterial existence.
A war is waged against my own ignorance.
Competing and consuming; dividing and reproducing.
Fleeting is my joy when each disparate desire is despairingly confusing.

Where it not for these earthly ears, I would not have been here to hear it.
To bear in mind, the good news He bore, that I can be reborn in spirit.
What joy doth creation yield that loves You with such imperfect behavior?
It matters not, for hell is hot, I accept You as my Savior.

He is to blame. He is to blame! That filthy man of clay.
So if I may, why oh God, why was I made this way?
He is to blame. He is to blame! That filthy man of clay.
Because of Him I’ll die today, unless I go the Way.

I repent when I commit, my illicit acts of sin.
But what good I do, if not for You, brings too, death within.
Because just as vexing and quite perplexing are the sins of omission.
But God knowing this, afforded my happiness, and gave to me this revelation.

Give glory to God first… then ask and you shall receive.
God gives to the grateful, lest I be deceived.
Though commanded, I can not be, perfect in every single way.
I can try to give Him all my thoughts for at least one imperfect day.

Hooray! Hooray! Cheers to that man of clay!
For now I see my immorality and all my wicked ways.
Hooray! Hooray! Cheers to that man of clay!
For how much sweeter will be immortality, on that great and dreadful day.

What is a soul?

Take 1 part spirit, mix it with with 1 part body, stick in an oven for 10 months and voila!  You have a soul!  But what happens when you add a robotic arm into the mix?  Read the following:

"...the monkey had become dedicated to controlling the robot, as if it were an extension of itself."

Once machine becomes an extension of self, we begin to question what self really is.  If you judge that I speak presumptuously on your behalf by using the subjective personal pronoun of "we", then to you I extend my apologies.  I was only speaking for my self and the extensions thereunto pertaining.

Know God; know Good. No God; no good.

My wife, Jenna, asked me today what it was I wanted to accomplish in my 29th year on this planet.  It was an appropriate birthday question and I wanted to give it a serious response.  I paused for a moment, and then I answered, “I want to love my fellow man more.”  My wife then asked my how it was that I planned on doing that.  I would like to share what went through my mind while I contemplated this follow-up question.

Whatever capacity I have to love at this point is only due to the fact that my Father has given me the power to know good.  By my own will, I have tried to share what I know to be good but my weaknesses often hinder my intentions.  This is why I know enough to acknowledge that my will is not enough, and that it is only by the power of God that others can benefit from my efforts.  So that only by His power I came to know Good, and only by His power do others come to know Good.

Therefore, if I am to accomplish what I have set out in my heart to do when I answered my wife’s first question I must know God better.  That I may know of His goodness to a greater degree than what I know now and that I may know His will for me that I may not resist it but rather carry it out according to His grace.  It is in this line of thinking that the correlation between the two greatest commandments becomes self evident.  So how can I learn of God’s goodness more than what I do now?

I consider myself to be a faithful disciple of Christ but only so far as convenience is concerned.  I am like the rich man who does all good things but is unwilling to take the final step and give away his riches.  Within the realm of the rich man’s comfort, he is capable of doing good works among men but when Jesus asks him to forgo the worldly security for spiritual security the rich man finds it hard to oblige.  I find myself in a similar pattern, not that I am a wealthy man, but rather I am unwilling to go outside of social and cultural norms to demonstrate love for my fellow man.

A while back, I noticed a woman weeping in the parking lot.  My heart wanted to reach out to her but I told myself to mind my own business; she did not want me to interfere.  As I got in my car and drove away I felt like such a coward.  It is possible that she could have told me to mind my own business but maybe she needed someone, anyone, to talk to and I did not give her the opportunity for fear of being rejected.

This year, I will not shirk from the hard time.  As prompted, I will open my hand and my arms and my heart to those around me.  I will share the burden of others and by doing so I hope to learn of God’s goodness to a greater degree than I known in the past.  This year, my prayer is that I will have the courage to walk outside my comfort zone that I may comfort another soul.

Eucharistic Eukaryotes

I was contemplating the ways of God today. Specifically, how consciousness is affected at the cellular level, when the term Eucharistic eukaryotes came to mind. I think creationists would get a Eucharistic kick out of that one.