What is a soul?

Take 1 part spirit, mix it with with 1 part body, stick in an oven for 10 months and voila!  You have a soul!  But what happens when you add a robotic arm into the mix?  Read the following:


"...the monkey had become dedicated to controlling the robot, as if it were an extension of itself."

Once machine becomes an extension of self, we begin to question what self really is.  If you judge that I speak presumptuously on your behalf by using the subjective personal pronoun of "we", then to you I extend my apologies.  I was only speaking for my self and the extensions thereunto pertaining.

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  1. This stuff excites me. Yes, honey you picked the right woman.
    I believe that our souls exude us, which is especially apparent when first coming in contact with another.
    The action that may follow even the simplest thought is most times underestimated.